Welcome to niala survival

My name is Melissa, i believe everyone should know at least the basic survival techniques because climate change is real and we will experience more and more catrastrophes worldwide.

I want to help people connect with nature and survive in a natural and sustentable way and even have fun by doing so. That´s why im teaching survival techniques with african wisdom.

Its a rich and unforgetafull experience, where you will learn basic survival, hear some interesting african storytelling, sayings and facts. All of this in a friendly and safe environment.

you will learn all about:

How to clean your own water, since water is life and we cannot live without it. I will teach you at least two different ways how to make fire to make yourself warm and cook your food, and at last we will learn archery, a very ancient african tradition of self defense.

If you got curious about my workshop, or you have some more questions contact me.

Im looking forward to meet you!

Nialasurvival@web.de +493091543756

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